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Cables or Pipes behind your MDF skirting!

If you are installing skirting boards, to create a cleaner, clutter–free interior run any visible cables (Telephone, Ethernet, Audio, HDMI etc.) behind them, much tidier.

This compared to using trunking is a lot better as it enables you to use less material for a cleaner outcome and pretty much the same result. Also, in comparison to messy work like cutting the cabling into your wall it makes a much more effective and easier solution.

Ordering skirting with a rebate couldn’t be easier…

When you have chosen the product, you can select ‘Add Rebate’ from the product page and when we receive your order we will manufacture your skirting with a 20mm(Height)x8mm(Depth) recess (rebate) in the back of the board. When this is installed flat against your wall, a small hollow chamber will be created that is perfect for cable management.

Then run any wires or piping you need to hide through the channel provided and there you go, job done.

If you require a rebate for piping, please get in touch and we’ll guide you through the intricacies. As standard our rebate is cut at 20mm x 8mm but we can accomodate different sizes depending on your needs. Get in touch for more information.