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Frequently Asked Questions

No. HDF is the only moisture resistant material we offer.
No. The design always stays the same no matter what size the skirting boards or architraves are. For example - if the design is 50mm on a 70mm board, the design will be 50mm on a 250mm board.
If there is a particular date which you would like your delivery on, that is not a problem. As long as its not before the 3-6 working days to machine the order we will deliver on your chosen date. All of this will be confirmed when you place the order. Just leave a note in the notes section or call us in advance before placing the order to verify we will be able to fulfil your needs.

All of our skirting products come with the ability to add rebate, please note that with the 15mm thick skirting we are unable to cut a rebate into it as that would compromise the rigidity of the product too much. To add rebate just select it from the products options when adding it to your basket.
If you have received an item that is faulty, please contact us and we will replace it for you free of charge. If you do not like the product then we will take the item(s) back but you will be charged a restocking fee to recover the costs incurred.
Our rebate is 20mm x 8mm as standard. However, we can do this to a size to suit you.
We generally find that 18mm is the most common thickness purchased.